Thee Baby Lady

Christy in Tampa Bay, FL

As "Thee Baby Lady," I am a "Baby Professional" who is all about babies and young children.

I'm playful, creative, and innovative in getting babies to eat, sleep, and smile so naturally that I have some moms refer to me as "The Baby Whisperer." Here are some of my specialties.

✅ Postpartum Doula, PCD(DONA)

✅ Antepartum Doula, CAPD

✅ New Parent Educator, CNPE

✅ Newborn Massage, AIMI

✅ Nutrition (Author of "Z Is for Zucchini")

✅ Multiples Experience (Twins and Triplets)

✅ Encouraging Speech and Behavior Milestones

✅ Specialty Cooking

✅ Assistance for Stay or Work At Home Moms

My strength is "steadiness," which means that I am reliable, consistent, even-tempered, accommodating, flexible, and creative in all that I do. My priorities are giving support, maintaining stability, and valuing collaboration.

Much more than a "nanny," I am a Baby Professional open to hearing, understanding, and supporting you in every baby challenge or related need that you have.

Helping moms make babies bright! 💫

What clients say about me
As I reflect on baby’s first year, I can’t help but think of you and how you have helped shape the special little girl that she has become.
A.M., Clearwater, FL
Christy got my kids to eat things I could never get them to eat.
H.L., Palm Harbor, FL
What you did was perfect in your observation and instruction while I learned about my newborn baby. You made me feel empowered. You are the best thing that happened to us. Nobody else gave us as much advice and kind words as you did.