A Year’s Worth of Baby Names

“Baby Name of the Week” was an idea launched by Thee Baby Lady on 3/28/10 for a year’s worth of baby names. Here is the collection of the baby names  selected (mostly in 2010) and then posted on Facebook. Working my way through the alphabet, I picked a name each week for a year. One girl name, then one boy name for 52 weeks. 26 girl names, 26 boy names. When March came around for 2011, we started over again. The name is posted on Wednesdays, with a chance for fans to “guess” the preselected name on Tuesdays.

Baby name of the week: “Alexandra” ~ Defender Of The People

Baby name of the week: “Austin” ~ Great

Baby name of the week: “Beth” ~ God is my oath

Baby name of the week: “Benjamin” ~ Son of my right hand

Baby name of the week: “Claire” ~ Clear, Bright, Illustrious

Baby name of the week: “Chad” ~ Protector, Defender Continue reading A Year’s Worth of Baby Names

After the Holidays

Plan a little extra time for patience on Monday after the holidays. You might run into tears and clinginess as babies are re-separated from parents after all this “together time” of the holidays. Lay out clothes, pack day bags, lunches, etc. before you move into the weekly routine. Last minute Monday morning can then be used for quality time with baby to ease the transition.

Who will care for baby?

I posted this as a series on my Facebook Page.

The best time to start thinking about who will help with baby after baby arrives is when you are pregnant. Take time to talk with your family, friends, and other moms you meet to get ideas for the best situation that will suit your new family.  What works for one family may not be the best fit for another. Will you return to work? Full-time or Part-time?  Will you stay at home?  Will you work from home?

By your 6th month of pregnancy, narrow down your options for baby care/assistance. There may even be a waiting list for your choice, so keep that in mind.  This may apply to established centers, as well as someone helping in your home with baby. A referral is usually your best bet (although some families are not as willing to reveal their sources over concern of losing their current great arrangement!). Make sure to choose someone who has experience with babies. A baby & a child are different fields. Continue reading Who will care for baby?

Montessori Part 2: Toys and Activities

Here are some of my favorite Montessori toys/activities and how I use them.

Chunky puzzles – wooden shapes with large knobs for handles that make it easy for baby hands to grasp. Repeat the movement to teach baby to do it.

Blocks – wooden blocks in bold colors. Stack blocks for baby and then give baby a turn to participate. Sort blocks by color and say the color aloud. Give baby a turn. Drop blocks into a container or basket. Give baby a turn. As baby ages, place a shape sorter on top of the container. Sort blocks through a paper towel tube. Naturally, they tend to dump everything out too so let them play!

Stacking cups – Stacking cups can be used in many ways like building a tower or pouring water in the bathtub. You can also use them outdoors to pour water in a controlled setting, in a pool, in a sandbox. Continue reading Montessori Part 2: Toys and Activities

Montessori Part 1: Method & Toys

I recently had some queries regarding Montessori & thought I’d post some links. The Montessori Method is described here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Montessori_method

I love this book for ages birth through 3 years old (0-3):

Melissa & Doug have great toys for Montessori that last very well.http://www.melissaanddoug.com

Babies 3 months and up can benefit from these wooden beads:http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=39554693
Or a wonderful 5 piece set of objects:

This link sorts toys for 1 year olds through Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Montessori-Homeschool-Supplies-Year-Old/lm/R36CWRAMDEIRJR

Some of my favorite toys and activities will be shared in Part 2.