It is an honor to be a part of the lives of so many families. With deep gratitude, I am sharing some of what others are saying about TheeBabyLady below. ~ Always, Christy


“You were more than an extra set of hands when I needed it most. I can hardly put into words how much you mean to our family.”  ~ S.S., Chatham, NJ


You helped me to fall more in love and awe with my baby. Thank you”. N.T., Clearwater, FL


“Because of you, I can be free to express my passions in the community and give back that way. I feel safe knowing my children are with you.” ~ M.C., Dunedin, FL


“I could not have made it through the first three years with twins without Christy.” ~ H.L., Atlanta, GA


“Christy got my kids to eat things I could never get them to eat.”  ~ H.L., Atlanta, GA; A.M., Clearwater, FL; A.B., Tarpon Springs, FL; S.S., Tampa, FL; S.E., Palm Harbor, FL


“I’m glad I chose you. I didn’t realize how helpful you could be to us.” ~ N.S., Pittsburgh, PA


“My 3 week old had been crying all day. I tried everything. Finally, late in the afternoon I decided to do the baby massage that Christy had taught me. My baby stopped crying immediately when I warmed up the oil in my hands. A massage is exactly what my baby had been wanting ALL day. I felt like I had communicated with my baby and was happy I could comfort her.” ~ K.S., Clearwater, FL


“Christy was invaluable to me as a new mom. Her regular time in our house helped us learn to be better parents to our daughter. She was especially helpful in menu planning, preparation and education when our little girl started solid foods. I never worried that we were giving her the wrong thing with Christy’s guidance. How lucky we were as new parents to benefit from her wisdom, experience, and calm support!” ~ J.R., Clearwater, FL


“You’re the only one who watches us that brings toys to play with”. ~ 9 year old , Florida


“I like it. It tastes like,,,,CHICKEN!” (in response to Christy’s Healthy Homemade Chicken Nuggets instead of processed frozen nuggets) ~ 6 year old, Indiana


“Thank you so much for all your beautiful energy and for all your love, encouragement, and support postpartum. You are such an angel here on earth.” ~ N.T., Clearwater, FL


“As I reflect on baby’s first year, I can’t help but think of you and how you have helped shape the special little girl that she has become”. ~ A.M., Clearwater, FL


“Christy was reassuring and patient. It was comforting to have her advice and support.” ~ C.W., Clearwater, FL


“We love hanging out with Miss Christy! ~ 11, 10, 7, & 5 year olds, Clearwater, FL


“Miss Cwisty?  You’re nice. I like your meatballs!” (in response to sharing my homemade turkey meatballs) ~ 2 year old, Palm Harbor, FL


“What you did was perfect in your observation and instruction while I learned about my newborn baby. You made me feel empowered.  You are the best thing that happened to us. Nobody else gave us as much advice and kind words as you did.” ~ C.B., NYC



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