Learning can be fun!! What an exciting time this can be for new parents. Some of the current offerings with ~TheeBabyLady~ are listed below. Private, in-home consultations are ideal. Where available, support can also be offered in Phone, Skype, and Email connections to help you from pregnancy through your first years of baby’s life.

  • Baby Massage Instruction ~ Class is designed to teach new parents how to massage their baby in one-time class. Baby benefits from massage with deeper sleep, faster bonding, relief from gas, colic, constipation, and boosted immune system.  Private or group class.
  • Postpartum/Newborn Care Instruction ~ Consultation to review basic questions about your baby as you welcome new baby into your home.  How to set up nursery area, burping, feedings, bathing, etc. Private consultation.
  • Baby’s First Foods ~ Introducing solid foods to your growing infant is recommended at 6 months of age. Planning baby’s menu should begin when your baby is between 4-5 months old.  Options include:  1) Consultation planning session including 1 follow up review, 2) Initial consultation with weekly personal assistance, or 3) Preparation of homemade baby food for you.
  • “Thee Christy Toddler Picnic(TM)” ~ A healthy food class for your toddler. One-hour group class held in a park setting for ages 1, 2, and 3 years old.  With fun interactions and themed presentations, Christy introduces food to your child in a fun way that gets results.  Group class and private too!


Email Christy for more information and to book a class.



One-hour consultations are a great way to ask a variety of questions as well as gather answers and resources.

~ “Nursery Essentials” consultation {navigating your way through the endless products marketed} and the newly available
~ “I Just Need to Talk” consultation {favored by mamas who suddenly have un-silly questions about their newborn, or even the seasoned mama questioning new behaviors with baby}.

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