Release date: 7/20/11

“Z Is for Zucchini: a Baby Foods Memory Book” by Christy Waterhouse

From the back of the book:

Simple but powerful, this “memory book” helps you to capture the early foods your baby eats and sets the stage for creating healthy eating habits.

This book becomes a precious “journal” of the photos you take of your child enjoying vegetables and fruits, and it provides you with a powerful teaching tool.

Experience this “memory book” time-and-again with your “little one” and they will grow increasingly curious and excited about eating healthy foods!


Book measures 8.5″ x 8.5” with 17 colorful pages. Sturdy paperback has a glossy finish.

Available NOW! Send inquires for orders to $24.99 (*Shipping fees may apply).

Description: It’s an interactive and one-of-a-kind “memory book” that actually gets used. By adding pictures of your baby and toddler eating vegetables and fruits, you are helping to create a lifetime of healthy eating habits.

Makes a great baby shower gift or 1st birthday gift, for ages 0-4 years old. It also makes a unique present to give to a grandparent. Mom can attach pictures of the baby and surprise Grandma! Adding pictures of your toddler to the book is encouraged too.

Back cover and front cover of book:

Book Cover


Peyton, 2 1/2, and her mom of Pea Wee Baby Swaddle Designs have this to say about Z Is for Zucchini:

Peyton: “Oh look at the watermelons!!!” Mommy: “She loved it….made me read it 3 times right away.” “First thing the next morning, Peyton asked me where her green book was.”


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