New Mom Meals

New Moms really appreciate a meal that is already cooked and easy to grab. Soups in individual containers, a mild chili, pre-portioned individual meals or casseroles, pre-made sandwiches for the refrigerator and freezer, individually wrapped. For freezer sandwiches, don’t use lettuce or veggies that wilt and use individual sauce travel packets so the bread doesn’t get soggy.

I suggest it’s a good idea for friends and loved ones to sit with the mom before baby comes and ask what she likes to eat. Then you have a list to work from and Mom doesn’t have to think about it. I also provide this service when I work with a family. The best part is it can be customized for the family and in some homes, meals are the sole focus of what the busy family wants by way of assistance. Mom gets to spend more time with baby and siblings rather than in the kitchen.


I think the best way to start my first blog, is to explain my understanding of a definition. Trying to explain to others what I do generally brings a sigh, a good sigh, from the the listener. It also brings questions like, “Where were you ____ many years ago? I needed you!” etc. I’m not a babysitter and I’m not a nanny. I wear many hats and decided the term a “Baby Professional” describes me best.

One facet I fill as a Baby Professional is defined as a New Mother’s Helper, an extended version of a Postpartum Doula, and “someone who helps you be the best Mom you can be”. That comes in the form of one-on-one instruction, assistance, tips, etc. So much more than a nanny or babysitter, my focus is on the Mom as well as her bundle of joy. Through years of experience, including specific knowledge I have gained with twins, I have some special insights that even your closest aunt or grandmother will be delighted to find out.

I use the term Baby Professional because that is what I am. Helping Mothers and Babies is not just what I do, it is who I am, and my passion.