Stages of Mommyhood

A Silly and Maybe Truthful Look at Motherhood:

Mommy of newborn = feels like a sleep-deprived detective and “dairy cow”.

Mommy of infant = feels like a sleep-deprived clown and entertainer.

Mommy of toddler = feels like a sleep-deprived broken record.

Mommy of preschooler = feels like a sleep-deprived chauffeur and referee.

Mommy of grade schooler = feels like a sleep-deprived chauffeur and short order cook.

Mommy of middle schooler = feels like a sleep-deprived chauffeur and a technology “has-been”.

Mommy of high schooler = feels like a sleep-deprived chauffeur, grocery stocker, and music policeman.

Mommy of college student = feels like a sleep-deprived lighthouse watchman.

Mommy of adult child = feels like: a Mommy.

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Looking for Leap Babies Born February 29, 2012

Leap day babies are so awesome! They have the most unique birthday and can have years of fun with it.

To bring awareness of this special group of babies this year, I held the “1st Annual Thee Baby Lady Celebration for Leap Day Births” for children turning 4 years old on February 29th at a local park. The goal is to celebrate their uniqueness and to give them an opportunity to meet other kids with the same distinctive birth date and unite in a memorable and confidence-building way. The gathering included her signature “Thee Christy Toddler Picnic”, a whole foods class taught in group and private classes to children aged 0-4 years old.

Parents of babies born in the Tampa Bay area on February 29, 2012 are encouraged to be a part of future celebrations, including 2013. Please email me for more information and to be added to the list so your baby can be connected with the area’s other Leap Day born children.

The Value of a Memory Book

As I work with infants and young children, I get to observe what products they are drawn to and what they play with.  I also notice which products moms use and what goes unopened. Be mindful of what you purchase for your little one.  Is it marketing that drew you in to buy it, or is it really useful? Let’s compare the value of some every day activities to baby products, you know, like my book! What can you get for around $20?

1 manicure that lasts about 1 week: $30

6 designer cups of coffee: $25

11 gallons of gas to drive about 220 miles: $40

15 onesies, size 0-3 months that lasts about 3 months: $25

1 168-count package of size 1 disposable premium diapers that lasts about 15 days: $40

*My children’s book that your child will read every day for about 4 years, PLUS it then converts to a keepsake item, instilling a legacy of eating healthy for a lifetime: currently $20 (value: priceless!)


Z Is for Zucchini: a Baby Foods Memory Book

Released July 2011 and is now available for an incredible value of $20. Email to purchase.

Pouch Food

Do you use the “convenience food” for babies and toddlers?  They are disposable pouches with little spouts to suck on or squirt out.  How do you feel about the packaging waste it creates for landfills?

Recently at a grocery check out, I noticed a pouch “snack” that was placed DIRECTLY beneath the area where you place your purse or checkbook or hands.  It was marketed as a smoothie. My eye caught the big words like “fruit”, “milk”, “no preservatives”. I further examined the ingredients listing, which appeared in a very small and light-colored typed print. I was alarmed to read, “apple, banana, passion fruit juice from concentrated, SWEETENED CONDENSED skimmed milk, natural flavors, citric acid”.  So…..processed fruit juices mixed with sweetened condensed milk???

Parents, read ingredient labels! Make wise and pure choices.  Putting a little thought and research into this important topic now will soon teach you how to be your own “convenience food expert”. Continue reading Pouch Food

Repurpose an Old Magazine for Baby

Create a “flash card picture book” with old magazine cut-outs. Select images to cut out like: plant, house, girl, plate, dog, cloud, etc. Laminate the images at a office supply store. Cut out the images, rounding the edges for safety. Insert your new items into a small photo album that holds one picture per page. Use a label maker to properly name the image and attach the word to the clear film on each page. Enjoy often with your growing baby.