Looking for Leap Babies Born February 29, 2012

Leap day babies are so awesome! They have the most unique birthday and can have years of fun with it.

To bring awareness of this special group of babies this year, I held the “1st Annual Thee Baby Lady Celebration for Leap Day Births” for children turning 4 years old on February 29th at a local park. The goal is to celebrate their uniqueness and to give them an opportunity to meet other kids with the same distinctive birth date and unite in a memorable and confidence-building way. The gathering included her signature “Thee Christy Toddler Picnic”, a whole foods class taught in group and private classes to children aged 0-4 years old.

Parents of babies born in the Tampa Bay area on February 29, 2012 are encouraged to be a part of future celebrations, including 2013. Please email me for more information and to be added to the list so your baby can be connected with the area’s other Leap Day born children.