The Value of a Memory Book

As I work with infants and young children, I get to observe what products they are drawn to and what they play with.  I also notice which products moms use and what goes unopened. Be mindful of what you purchase for your little one.  Is it marketing that drew you in to buy it, or is it really useful? Let’s compare the value of some every day activities to baby products, you know, like my book! What can you get for around $20?

1 manicure that lasts about 1 week: $30

6 designer cups of coffee: $25

11 gallons of gas to drive about 220 miles: $40

15 onesies, size 0-3 months that lasts about 3 months: $25

1 168-count package of size 1 disposable premium diapers that lasts about 15 days: $40

*My children’s book that your child will read every day for about 4 years, PLUS it then converts to a keepsake item, instilling a legacy of eating healthy for a lifetime: currently $20 (value: priceless!)


Z Is for Zucchini: a Baby Foods Memory Book

Released July 2011 and is now available for an incredible value of $20. Email to purchase.