Pouch Food

Do you use the “convenience food” for babies and toddlers?  They are disposable pouches with little spouts to suck on or squirt out.  How do you feel about the packaging waste it creates for landfills?

Recently at a grocery check out, I noticed a pouch “snack” that was placed DIRECTLY beneath the area where you place your purse or checkbook or hands.  It was marketed as a smoothie. My eye caught the big words like “fruit”, “milk”, “no preservatives”. I further examined the ingredients listing, which appeared in a very small and light-colored typed print. I was alarmed to read, “apple, banana, passion fruit juice from concentrated, SWEETENED CONDENSED skimmed milk, natural flavors, citric acid”.  So…..processed fruit juices mixed with sweetened condensed milk???

Parents, read ingredient labels! Make wise and pure choices.  Putting a little thought and research into this important topic now will soon teach you how to be your own “convenience food expert”.

Have you heard about the Babypote? It’s a reusable container. Making your own recipes to fill the Babypote allows you to control the ingredients that your child consumes. It means you can also add pureed vegetables into the mixture, think butternut squash!  It can be used for older children too. You can fill it with your own mixtures like applesauce, or maybe pureed peaches and yogurt. (I put a fresh peach, minus the pit, in a blender yesterday and it was the freshest fruit juice ever)! The possibilities are endless. Babypote provides the same fun “squirt food” experience children crave. This is what Babypote looks like: http://www.beabausa.com/product-babypote.cfm

Here’s another way to handle this drinkable food craze. At home, you can put pureed foods or other pureed healthy mixtures into little “shot glasses”. Cut a straw down to size & hold it while your toddler sips the ingredients out. Get creative based on your child’s age. Call it a “squirt smoothie”.

Seriously, unless your child plans to grow up to be an astronaut or live in outer space, perhaps it is best to offer the whole food approach.  How else will they learn about vegetables and fruit? Let them watch you create any drinkable food as you place the cut food it in a blender or food processor.

As for babies, many of the pouches have several blends of foods in one pouch and it is advisable to introduce one food at a time. The package may say 4-6 months, but has your little one been introduced to each of the ingredients in the pouch?

What you are doing now is creating a lifetime of eating habits for your precious children. Choose healthy. Eat healthy!

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