Going National?

As I reflected on a friend’s words to me, “You’ve gone national?” I couldn’t believe it myself. Yes, I’ve gone national! I go into people’s homes and assist the family as a postpartum doula or “Baby Professional” with their baby. And you know what? Sometimes these families travel; sometimes for business and sometimes for pleasure. As a traveling doula, I can be available to assist with their baby (babies) and other siblings. That can begin even before the trip, by assisting with packing or caring for babies while parents pack and then during the travels as well.

I’ve even had previous clients who moved away, then flew me to their city to be available during a transition they were going through. They were relieved to have someone care for their baby while they handled other important matters.

I am also available as an antepartum doula for moms on bed rest. This is useful to moms who still need to get the nursery in order and were surprised with bed rest orders from the doctor. I like being able to customize options for a family, because each family is unique.