Of Kisses and Noses

Little kids are often fond of spreading their love. It comes in different forms like priceless hugs, sticky fingers applied to clean clothing or hair, and sloppy kisses. As a “Baby Professional”, certain boundaries are important to know, so I found some fun ways to handle the “kissing thing”.

First, babies just learning to share kisses provide extra slobber. I generally keep a stuffed animal around for when they want to practice those kisses. As they enter toddlerhood, they want to kiss people. It makes them smile and giggle.

Fortunately there is less slobber involved now and to honor their request for a kiss, I started offering my nose. I call it “TheeBabyLady Nose-to-Nose Kiss”. I offer my nose and lean in to tap my nose with the tip of their nose. It allows affection and appropriate intimacy for my role. All that aside, it’s just way too cute to hear, “I want a nose-to-nose” as I’m walking out the door.